19 Aug 2020

Internews - Call for Application - Emergency Grants for Women Journalists in Distress

Emergency grants for women journalists in distress

Call for Application


The emergency grants designed to assist women journalists in the event of an emergency or crisis. Emergency or crises are unexpected events that significantly impact individuals' operations, security, or financial sustainability. The Emergency grants will make flexible funds available for prompt remedial actions to protect individuals, take early steps to reduce risks, and provide rapid intervention to minimize interruption of regular operations or information isolation.

Assistance may range from small grants for psychological and medical care for incidents directly related to threats and crises caused by one's work as a journalist, legal aid to counter threats of imprisonment in extreme cases, and moving targeted women journalists out of their hometown or the country.

A Rapid Response Committee set up by Internews will review applications for assistance within 24 hours. Rapid response funding provided by the project will be limited to beneficiaries and partners of the program.

Grant Objectives

  • Provide urgent support to Internews's beneficiaries and partners. In response to a regional emergency.
  • Help and assist women journalists in the emergency or crisis.
  • The Emergency grants will make funds available to provide security to individuals, to take early actions to reduce risks.


The basic eligibility requirements for all grants outlined here. All applicants must ensure that they meet these basic requirements.

  1. The applicant should be among the beneficiaries and partners of the Aswatouna project. 
  2. The nature of the emergency or crisis that the grant might cover is, but not limited to online and/or offline threats, injury, legal support, medical support, psychosocial support, equipment lost/ destroyed.
  3. Iraqi women journalists face online and/or offline threats, including verbal, written, or physical threats certified with documents.
  4. Iraqi women journalists who have threatened to be dismissed from work based on gender/sexual issues might need legal service to return to work or/and resume their ordinary lives
  5. Iraqi women journalists in need of legal support services (e.g., payment of lawsuits, receiving consultation from lawyers, etc.)
  6. Iraqi women journalists in lack of psychosocial support (e.g., overcoming trauma, receiving consultation from a psychotherapist, etc.)
  7. Iraqi women journalists need financial assistance for losing equipment while performing her journalism work.
  8. Women journalists in need of medical support directly caused by performing her journalism activities.

Selection Criteria

The selection of successful applicants will be made on a rolling basis following the selection criteria listed below. Funding will be allocated according to the following methodology:

  • The applicant must fill the required application form and provide the necessary documents for her request for the grant. 
  • The application will include the application form and other relevant and appropriate records. Documents (Annexes…………). 
  • Internews has a special jury, and the Jury will review the applications considering the eligibility criteria mentioned above. 
  • Eligible applicants will be contacted by Internews to process their cases and later release the grants according to Internews procedures.

Note: Internews will not consider applications that do not provide the application form and the required documents.   


  • Application form.

Submit your application and required documents to this email address:


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