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The national NGOs Al Rafidain and SYO (South Youth Organization) concluded on Tuesday 12/5/2013 a training of trainers workshop centered on assessing humanitarian needs and good governance. The training was conducted in the city of Samawa with funding by UNDP under the title “partnership for development”. The trainees will be conducting various activities over the coming year in the governorates of Basra, Thi Qar, Maysan and Al Muthana with the aim of promoting good governance and assessing humanitarian needs in cooperation with local councils and relevant actors in those governorates.
17 May 2013 - The Iraqi collegiate forum organized a consultative meeting in Sydney that included Iraqi activists in Australia. The purpose was to discuss methods to support cooperation and coordination between Iraqi NGOs and CSOs in the fields of culture, media, academics and social issues in order to improve unity and cohesion amongst the Iraqi community in Australia. Additionally, the meeting focused on giving more exposure on the activities organized by the Iraqi community and involving the Australian population in these activities in order to add to the rich cultural diversity in Australia. Read more…
15 May 2013
Oxfam 30 April 2013 - The human cost of Syria’s conflict has risen beyond all expectations. There are already more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. Inside Syria itself, 6.8 million people struggle in urgent need of assistance. This briefing describes how, as the numbers grow, the money to help some of those refugees and displaced people is running out. UN appeals have received only half of the funding they sought – to help far fewer people than they now need to assist. And Oxfam’s humanitarian program is struggling with insufficient funds to help as much as it needs to, despite the generosity of its supporters and the public. The world has failed to find common purpose to…
14 May 2013
The International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC) in Iraq released a report on its activities in Iraq during 2012. The report titled "Iraq: 2012 Fact and Figures" in available in English only.
05 May 2013
"IDMC's 2012 Global Overview of people internally displaced due to conflict found that 28.8 million people were internally displaced people (IDPs) worldwide in 2012, a record-high figure that includes a five-fold increase in the number of IDPs in Syria. Over 6.5 million people were newly displaced inside their home countries in 2012, almost twice as many as the year before. Colombia, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo top the list of countries with the largest populations of IDPs." Download the full report in English Download the global overview press release in English, French and Spanish Download the global overview map in English, French and Spanish Download the global overview infographic in English, French and Spanish
30 Apr 2013
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Iraq issued on 29 April 2013 a new report on mnetal health in Iraq and announced it through a press release. "MSF’s new report Healing Iraqis: The Challenges of Providing Mental Health Care in Iraq , records examples of the impact constant day to day violence have had on many Iraqi men, women and children, and describes the development, together with the Ministry of Health, of a programme to provide counselling care. The international organisation says there is an urgent need to scale up mental health care services in the country. MSF calls on the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and those who support them, to improve the quality and access to mental health services by…