12 Oct 2014

Emergency Situation Report – Anbar province 12th October 2014

In Heet 2,000 to 3,000 families (this number is rapidly changing) moved out of the district over the past 6 days heading in 4 directions:
  1. 150 - 200 families moved towards Karbala using the Ramadi – Nakheeb – Karbala route. However the local government and security forces prevented IDPs from entering the province, which forced families to camp at the entrance of Karbala near the cement factory.
  2. Some IDPs moved to Khaldiya, east of Ramadi, on the way to Baghdad. They were also prevented from going any further because of the ongoing military operations in Fallujah.
  3. Other families moved north towards the Baghdadi and Haditha districts. These two areas could also become subject to ISIS attacks and are thus potential targets in the near future. There are also still considerable concerns that the Haditha Dam might be used as a weapon in the future, should it fall in the hands of IS.
  4. The remaining families moved west towards the Rawa and Ana areas, which are currently under IS control. IDPs going in this direction are only those people who do not have any civilian or military connections in the government. 
In Ramadi, IS took control of the Twai (Albu Risha) area in the northern part of the city. 500 families were hereby displaced and moved either to the city center of Ramadi, or towards Khaldiya (east of Ramadi).
IDPs from these areas are in desperate need of aid but every direction to which families seek to flee seems to be a dead end, the entire province is closed off with no way of exiting. This brings to mind important questions that the humanitarian community needs to address in the coming days:
  • What actions can facilitate access to IDPs located near the current conflicts zones? Is it possible to let IDPs enter Karbala and Baghdad?
  • What type of action is needed to speed up humanitarian aid for these IDPs?
  • Is building camps around the province, in Karbala or on the western side of Baghdad, a viable option in the near future?