03 Jun 2018

NCCI Jobs & Tenders Portal Expanding Access to Select Non-Member Organizations

NCCI established a Jobs & Tenders portals in 2016 to support the NGO community in Iraq.  With over 3.6 million visitors in 2017, and the NCCI website is the largest jobs website in Iraq.  In line with the NCCI mandate to promote inter-agency collaboration, the use of the portals is being expanded to now include donors, UN agencies and other not for profit international entities.  All NCCI Member and observer NGOs are allowed unlimited free postings on the jobs and tenders portals, but now your UN, non-member NGO, donor agency or other not for profit organization in Iraq may also be eligible to use the portal for a fee.  

Any United Nations, donor agency, or other international not for profit organization pursuing the well-being of humanity which meets the following criteria: 

  1. Must have registration in the country of origin or KRI or Federal Iraq as applicable  

  2. Must be an impartial, non-political organization of good repute serving humanity in compliance with the Red Cross Code of Conduct and compatible with the NCCI values or mandate.

  3. For profit and private sector parties are not eligible to use the jobs portal. 

  4. NCCI will attempt to accommodate compatible organizations but retains the sole discretion to review or refuse applications from any advertiser. Documentation of registration of non-UN agencies will be required.  For questions about eligibility please contact 

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