03 Dec 2015

Second Coordination Meeting in Sulaymaniyah

In October 2015 NCCI reached out to NGOs operating in Sulaymaniyah. Following this first successful meeting it was decided to organize regular coordination meetings in Sulaymaniyah, the first of which was held on 26 November at CDO’s office.

The coordination meetings in Sulaymaniyah serve three main purposes: first of all they are an opportunity for NCCI’s members based in Sulaymaniyah to take part in NCCI’s coordination activities. Secondly the meetings are a forum for NGOs in the governorate to input information and concerns to NCCI. Lastly NCCI feeds back information from its activities in Erbil and Baghdad to organizations operating in Sulaymaniyah.

15 local and international NGOs attended the meeting, which started with an introduction about the Civil Development Organization (CDO), which graciously hosted the meeting. Then UNOPS gave a presentation about the IDP call center. Next NCCI presented an overview of its activities and recent developments in Erbil. Lastly the attendants raised a number of issues faced by NGOs operating in or from Sulaymaniyah. These issues included problems related to cash distribution in Kirkuk, constraints for Arab staff moving to Erbil and difficulties in obtaining approval to start projects in Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk. NCCI agreed to take a leading role in liaising with the relevant authorities to solve these problems.

For your information a poster about the IDP call center in English, Arabic and Kurdish can be found below.

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